The wheelchair is a wonderful mobility aid. It can be a real lifesaver for anyone who is unable to walk due to a medical condition, an injury, or paralysis. In order to get the most utility from a wheelchair, it is extremely important to select the right model. At Ability Scooters, we can consult with you on selecting the best one for you or your loved one.

Selecting The Right Wheelchair!



Transport wheelchairs are designed for people who are unable to propel and maneuver themselves. These wheelchairs have administrator handles and small back wheels and are designed to be easily steered by a caregiver. Transport wheelchairs are normally used by people who need a mobility aid for short periods of time.



Manual wheelchairs are a great solution for anyone who has the ability to propel themselves and desires to maintain their independence. They typically have large back wheels that can be maneuvered by the user. Our manual wheelchairs also have handles so you can be pushed by a caregiver when needed.



After deciding whether you need a transport or manual wheelchair, you should consider the various size options. . It is important to use a wheelchair that fits you properly. We carry bariatric wheelchairs that are wide and deep enough for the occupant to stay comfortable over long periods of time.



Our pediatric wheelchairs are designed especially for children. Wheelchairs for kids require a much smaller frame size. The seats are much narrower and more shallow when compared to adult-sized chairs. The size-weight proportions of the chair are intended to enhance the chair’s maneuverability and the child’s mobility. Each of these factors increase the overall comfort of the child while using the wheelchair.

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