Wheelchair Ramps

The first though that comes to people's minds after purchasing a mobility product is how am I going to get this in my car or home. At Ability Scooters we offer a wide variety of wheelchair ramps to meet your needs. With our modular wheelchair ramps, you can be confident that accessibility to your home will be provided correctly, completely, and safely. We will even install it for you. We also carry portable wheelchair ramps so you can take your power wheelchair or mobility scooter with you wherever you go. Setup is easy and compact.

Threshold Ramps


Modular wheelchair ramps are great for someone who is looking to have a permanent or long term wheelchair ramp for their residence. This type of ramp ensures safe easy access to your home. These ramps are made out of strong aluminum, won’t rust and come in powder coated options.

Portable Ramps


You purchased your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair with the notion that it could be your right hand man. With our portable wheelchair ramps you can make this desire possible. Our ramps are lightweight, sturdy and ideal for placing your mobility product in your vehicle. Now you can take it wherever you need to.

Ramp Length Chart Recommendations:

The wheelchair ramp length chart shows the needed ramp length to a given rise in inches. ADA compliance requires a 1:12 ratio in the rise (distance from the top step/landing to the ground) and the length of the ramp. This equals a 4.8 degree incline. Businesses must be ADA compliant but if the wheelchair ramp is for personal use then you can increase or decrease the incline as deem necessary.

CAUTION! At any incline, use ramp only with a qualified helper.
CAUTION! Refer to your equipment’s (wheelchair or scooter) User Guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and allowable slope.

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