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If your looking for a medical walker, rollator, cane or crutch Ability Scooters has a wide variety. Medical walkers and rollators are great for walking short distances (i.e. from your dinning room to your living room). Canes and crutches are better suited for people who have upper body strength to hold themselves up. At Ability Scooters we are dedicated to providing you with every mobility product you need in life. Call us today to find out how you can receive a free cane or crutches!



Medical rollators provide great stability during your everyday moving. The sturdy and light weight frame allows you to travel with confidence. The reliable breaks and padded seat also allow you to stop and rest whenever is convenient for you. Ability Scooters carries a wide variety of rollators. Come by our location to learn more!

Medical Walkers


Medical walkers are designed to be sturdy at all times. The lack of wheels on the legs makes operating medical walkers simple and safe. The operator doesn’t need to worry about any breaks when wanting to stop. In addition our walkers are light weight and compact for travel.



If you find yourself walking along and losing your balance then a cane can be a good choice. We carry wood, t-handle, quad, and folding canes. Canes give you the versatility of stability and maintaining your freedom. They are also great if you have minor knee, ankle, and foot injuries.



If you have a knee, leg, ankle or foot injury but have sufficient upper body strength then you might find that crutches are a great mobility option. It is important that you have crutches sized properly so that you can ensure comfort and safety throughout your recovery period. This is why Ability Scooters carries sizes ranging from pediatric crutches to heavy duty.

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