Power Chairs

The ability of power chairs to pivot 360 degrees enables them to navigate the most common challenges and obstacles. Our goal is to match you with the perfect power wheelchair that meets all your individual needs. We factor in such things as: seating requirements, height, weight, and manner of use—whether indoors or outside.
Whether you are replacing an old power chair, shopping for the first time, or simply renting, Ability Scooters is here to help. We have the selection and expertise to help you find the power chair that is best for you. Our team can guide you through the features and options that each model offers and help you make an informed decision. When we see you smile, we know our job is done.
Models for Rent and Sale:
  • Travel/Portable
  • Full Size

Travel Power Chairs

As among the most compact mobility products, travel power wheelchairs (or travel electric wheelchairs) are not only designed for portability, but also for use in very compact spaces, such as small apartments and shops.
Travel electric wheelchairs feature a minimal seat by nature of the wheelchair's compact size. The seat is contoured to help keep you in place, with a folding backrest for transportability, and the padded cover is usually removable for cleaning. For legrests, a foot platform is used, flipping up out of the way for transfers.

Full Size Power Chairs

Cobra GT4
Odyssey GT
With drive wheels located mid-ship, full size power chairs (also know as center-wheel drive power chairs) are among the most maneuverable types, literally turning on center like a top. In confined spaces, full size power chairs require far less maneuvering than mobility scooters, and are very intuitive to operate.
Indoors, full size power wheelchairs allow you to maneuver all but effortlessly, turning in the smallest kitchens, and outdoors they handle terrain very well, with traction and stability, featuring speeds up to 6.5 mph, and 11 to 14 miles of battery range. Additionally, most models feature large, 10" to 14" drive wheels, with "obstacle-climbing suspension," which allows them to safely, assuredly climb up to 1" to 2" curbs and thresholds.

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