Doctors will often place their patients in a walking boot after an injury or surgery to the ankle or foot. A walking boot is great for the healing process but can cause injury or pain to the rest of your body. The walking boot causes you to start walking with an uneven gate and inflicts pain on your hip, knee and back. The Evenup gives a 1/2" to 1" lift on your good foot to balance out your awkward boot walk. By equalizing the distance from your hip to sole, you can walk without the added pain.

How To Use The Evenup

1. Place the front portion of the Evenup strap over the toes of your shoe.

2. Pull the elastic straps toward the heel of the shoe and adjust the side straps over the sole of the shoe. Pull up the heel tab to securely fasten to the sole of the shoe.

3. Utilize the velcro strap provided to securely fasten the Evenup to your shoe. Place the strap through the loop and around the thicker band.


1. A sole measurement between 10 inches (254mm) and 11 1/4 inches (286mm)


2. A sole measurement between 11 1/2 inches (292mm) and 12 3/4 inches (324mm)


3. A sole measurement between 13 inches (330mm) and 14 1/2 inches (368mm)


4. A sole measurement greater than 14 1/2 inches (368mm)

Women's Shoe Size

6 - 8.5




9 - 11.5



12 - 14




Men's Shoe Size

6.5 - 8



8.5 - 10.5




11 - 13.5




Recommended Size











Extra Large

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