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Join our community of happy customers and discover newfound freedom with our mobility solutions, taking you to places you once thought unreachable!

From dream vacations to everyday errands like grocery shopping, our mobility solutions make navigating life's challenges simple. Our reliable and proven options empower you to reclaim your freedom and control over your life. Contact us today for a free assessment to rediscover the time and freedom you've missed. We're here to help and would love to hear from you!

Sales and Rentals

Looking for a mobility scooter that fits your active lifestyle? Our three and four-wheel travel scooters are designed for easy disassembly and portability, breaking down into 4-5 lightweight pieces for convenient transport and quick reassembly. Explore our wide selection of popular models available for rent or purchase.

Power Chairs

Golden Lite Rider Envy Power Chair

Enhance your mobility with our advanced power chairs, offering superior control and versatility. Ideal for navigating home environments and overcoming obstacles, our models feature 360-degree turning capabilities. Visit us for a free demonstration and explore our unbeatable selection.

Knee Scooters


Experience comfort and convenience with our knee scooters, featuring padded leg rests and lightweight frames for easy travel. The attached basket provides handy storage for personal items. Contact us today to learn about our flexible rental options!



Explore our diverse range of manual wheelchairs, including transport, bariatric, and pediatric models. We also offer options with elevated or swing-away footrests to meet your specific needs.



Investing in an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter is sure to enhance the quality of your life. Consider one of our modular or portable wheelchair ramps to add even more value and convenience.



Experience enhanced stability and confidence with our lightweight walkers, designed for effortless maneuverability. Our walkers provide reliable support to help you maintain your independence and mobility.



Our versatile rollators are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Featuring padded seats for comfortable rest and sturdy frames with quality locks for enhanced safety.

Seated Scooters

seated scooter

Seated scooters offer an excellent alternative to knee scooters, especially when weight-bearing on the knee is not possible.


canes and crutches

Explore our extensive selection of canes and crutches, including t-handled, quad, and folding canes, as well as short, extra tall, and heavy-duty crutches.



Maintain balanced posture during recovery with Evenups. Prevent uneven strides and stances that can lead to further injuries. Don't forget to Evenup!

Bath Safety


Ensure safety in the bathroom with our sturdy bath chairs and versatile grab bars, designed to provide additional protection and peace of mind on slick surfaces. Our grab bars come with various mounting options to suit your needs.

Waterproof Cast Cover


Overcome the inconvenience of casts with our waterproof cast covers, ensuring a watertight seal through skin suction. Enjoy peace of mind in the shower or swimming pool.

Affordable Options


Explore our extensive selection of mobility solutions available for purchase. At Ability Scooters, we offer top-quality scooters, power chairs, and wheelchairs to suit your needs. Each product is designed for durability and ease of use, ensuring you receive the best value. Invest in your independence today with our reliable and affordable options. Contact us to find the perfect mobility solution for your lifestyle.


Our flexible rental options provide the mobility support you need without a long-term commitment. Whether you require a scooter, power chair, knee scooter, or wheelchair for a short-term recovery or a temporary need, Ability Scooters has you covered. We maintain our rental fleet to the highest standards, ensuring you get a dependable and convenient solution. Reach out to us today to discuss your rental needs and discover how we can help you stay mobile and independent.

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