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Rentals and Sales

Do you need a  mobility scooter capable of handling your active lifestyle? We have three and four-wheel travel scooters that are easily disassembled for portability. They separate into 4-5 lightweight pieces, making it easy to fit into your vehicle, and can be quickly reassembled. We have many popular models to rent and for sale.

Power Chairs

Golden Lite Rider Envy Power Chair

power wheelchair provides the user with additional options and enhanced control features. If you’re looking for a power chair that’s ideal for navigating the home environment, or other challenging obstacles, please come see us for a free demonstration! We carry models capable of turning 360 degrees, and our wide selection simply can’t be beat.

Knee Scooters


knee scooter with a padded leg rest can be very comfortable. Also, they are very easy to steer and navigate, because they are designed with a tight turning ratio. The light weight frame makes traveling convenient, and the attached basket allows you to store personal items. We offer purchasing and flexible knee scooter rental options! Please call us today!



Ability Scooters offers a wide variety of manual wheelchairs. We carry transport, bariatric and pediatric wheelchairs. In addition, we have options for elevated or swing away footrests.



Investing in an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter is sure to enhance the quality of your life. Consider one of our modular or portable wheelchair ramps to add even more value and convenience.



Our walkers provide great stability when standing. They are also lightweight to ensure ease of maneuverability while you’re getting back on your feet.



Our rollators can be used either indoors or outdoors. When you need to rest, the padded seat will provide you with plenty of comfort. Our frames and quality locks add all the personal safety features you would expect.

Seated Scooters

seated scooter

Seated scooters are a great alternative to knee scooters when weight can’t be placed on the knee.


canes and crutches

Canes are a low-tech marvel that have been with us for centuries. Ability Scooters has a wide selection of t-handled, quad and folding canes. In addition, we carry short, extra tall, and heavy- duty crutches. Call today and see how we can get yours free!



In order to keep your posture balanced during the recovery process, Evenups are essential. An uneven stride or stance can lead to imbalances that will cause additional injuries—some being more severe than the original. Don’t forget to “Evenup!”

Bath Safety


Due to slick surfaces, showers and bathtubs are potential hazards to your safety. Our bath chairs are sturdy and provide an additional measure of protection and peace of mind. Our “grab bars” offer a variety of mounting options to meet your specific needs.

Waterproof Cast Cover


Casts may be inconvenient at times, but Ability Scooters has a few solutions to help you out. We carry waterproof cast covers that maintain a water tight seal by suctioning to the skin. Now you can have peace of mind, whether your child is in the shower or a swimming pool.

Affordable Options


We carry a wide selection of new and gently used products to meet your needs and fit your budget. Please go to the "buy now" button below and request a product. We’re always excited to consult with our customers and discover the best solution for their needs.


Our hope is that your disability is merely temporary. This is why we offer renting options at affordable rates. We give our customers the option to rent an electric wheelchair, mobility scooter, knee scooter, walker, rollator, wheelchair, or ramp. We are here to serve you.

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We would love to hear from you!
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