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Introducing the Evenup™

The Evenup™ is a new and innovative shoe leveling device that helps equalize a patient's leg length and reduce body strain while walking in a cast or fracture boot. The Evenup is an easily removable and convenient fix for the frequent complaints of hip, knee and back pain.
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"Don't put your life on hold after surgery or an injury"
walking with the Evenup

The Evenup shoe leveler is very simple to apply and use. It is a walking cast boot for uneven leg length. Patients that have walked for only a short time without an Evenup on the shorter leg will immediately notice the improvement in their balance and gait. However, they should continue to walk slowly and never run while using the Evenup.

Benefits of wearing the Evenup

  • Compensates for leg length changes
    while wearing a fracture walking boot
    or below the knee cast.
  • Avoid limping and body stress.
  • Helps prevent back, hip and knee pain.

  • Evenup on shoe

    Putting on the Evenup

    Step 1 Step 2
    Step 1. Cross your leg over the opposite knee. Pull the Evenup over the toe of the shoe. Step 2. Pull up the back of the Evenup straps over the heel and adjust the side straps around the sole.
    Step 3 Step 4
    Step 3. Make sure the Evenup name faces out at the heel. Adjust the sole of the Evenup to center on the bottom of the sole. Step 4. Pull the Velcro strap across the top of the foot and fasten to secure the Evenup.
    Sizing Method

    The Evenup comes in three sizes. The thickness on the Evenup is adjustable. Please use the measurement technique below to determine your appropriate size. The Evenup does not correspond to shoe size. Instead, measure the sole of your shoe to determine the appropriate size of evenup. If you require an extra-small Evenup or if you have any questions just give us a call @ (210) 315-8242 and we'll be glad to help you.

    Choose the correct size by measuring your shoe sole

    measuring your shoe

    Measurement between 10 inches    (254 mm)  and 11 1/4 inches  (286 mm) = SMALL
    Measurement between 11 ½ inches (292 mm) and 12 ¾ inches (324 mm) = MEDIUM
    Measurement between 13 inches    (330 mm)  and 14 ½  inches  (368 mm) = LARGE

    Note:  It is generally best to choose an Evenup a little too small, rather than too big.

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    NOTE: While walking in a fracture or cast boot, your stability will be compromised. Always use the Evenup with caution on uneven, wet or slippery surfaces, and never wear one while operating a vehicle. The Evenup is constructed for one patient use and should not be reused.


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